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Ambient Water (formerly AWG International) pioneered atmospheric water generation technology for extracting water from humidity in the air. Drawing from the renewable ocean of water vapor in the air that we breathe, our patented technology cost effectively transforms humidity into an abundant source of clean water near the point of use. Our scalable and modular systems can be configured for a number of water-sensitive applications ranging from oil and gas exploration to vertical farming. Our systems can also be configured to produce high quality drinking water for homes, offices, and communities. For a thirsty planet on the verge of a water crisis, Ambient Water makes clean water out of thin air.

Click on this link to view the NBC7 news report on Ambient Water's technology at the November Water Tech Alliance meeting at the University of California, San Diego.

Click on this link to see the Channel 10 video about the Ambient Water 400 generating water for San Diego Breweries!

Listen to The Water Values Podcast featuring our CEO Keith White.

Ambient Water CEO, Keith White, joins The Water Values Podcast for a fantastic discussion about Ambient Water’s unique distributed water solution. Keith takes us on the creative journey in which he conceptualized and tested a unit that could make safe, potable water out of the humidity in the air. After a long journey, he’s developed the technology and is now commercializing it with products that can help water poor areas with not only the provision of safe drinking water but also food supply and climate controlled shelter. You’ll be amazed with the distributed water solution that Ambient Water can provide and all the indirect benefits that result from the Ambient Water source of safe drinking water.

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Ambient Water Identifies Market Opportunity in Southern Caribbean Due to Extreme Water Crisis in Region

Ambient Water Joins Innovative Agricultural Technology Companies at Launch Event of Bioenterprise BC

Ambient Water Announces Pursues Business Development Opportunities for Atmospheric Water Generation Technology in Latin America

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Ambient Water Begins Rigorous Testing of Turnkey Greenhouse Structures for Vertical Farming

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Ambient Water to Showcase Atmospheric Water Generation Technology at California State Capitol

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Ambient Water Featured in USA Today and as Key Technology to Combat Water Scarcity

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Ambient Water Comments on Impact of Falling Oil Prices across Oil and Gas Industry

Ambient Water 400 Deliv
ery and Installation in Houston Texas

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