Ambient Water 800 Demonstration in Houston

Ambient Water 400 at University of California San Diego

Click on this link to see the Channel 10 video about the Ambient Water 400 generating water for San Diego Breweries!

Press Releases

08.14.2017    Ambient Water Announces Sale of Industrial Atmospheric Water Generation System for over $1M

06.16.2017    Ballast Point Partners with Ambient Water to Produce Beers from Condensation

04.27.2017    Ambient Water Partners with Three Breweries for Craft Beers Produced from Condensation

03.07.2017    Ambient Water Atmospheric Water Generator Installed at University of California, San Diego Healthcare Complex

12.21.2016    Ambient Water Pursues Business Development Opportunities for Atmospheric Water Generation Technology in the Middle East

12.1.2016    Ambient Water Announces Sales of Atmospheric Water Generators in Mexico and Peru

10.26.2016    Ambient Water Comments on Successful Demonstration of Newest Atmospheric Water Generation Technology

09.27.2016    Ambient Water to Demonstrate New Atmospheric Water Generation Technology at Houston Facility

09.07.2016    Ambient Water Launches Newest Atmospheric Water Generator, AW800, to Address Bulk Water Needs in Water Scarce Regions

08.17.2016    Ambient Water Signs Memorandum of Understanding for Exclusive Sale of Atmospheric Water Generators in the Dominican Republic and Monterrey, Mexico

06.22.2016    Ambient Water Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Frontier Hydrocarbons Ltd. for Exclusive Sale of Atmospheric Water Generators in Peru

05.10.2016   Ambient Water Identifies Market Opportunity in Southern Caribbean Due to Extreme Water Crisis in Region

03.10.2016  Ambient Water Joins Innovative Agricultural Technology Companies at Launch Event of Bioenterprise BC

02.24.2016  Ambient Water Announces Pursues Business Development Opportunities for Atmospheric Water Generation Technology in Latin America

02.16.2016  Ambient Water Announces Research Collaboration with the University of California at San Diego on Atmospheric Water Generation Technology

01.21.2016  Ambient Water Announces Successful Attendance of #BCTECH Summit 2016

12.29.2015  Ambient Water Recaps 2015 Accomplishments

12.02.2015  Ambient Water Featured by Key Publications as Promising Technology to Combat Water Scarcity and Enhance Vertical Farming Initiatives

11.19.2015  Ambient Water Comments on California's Extended Water Restrictions for 2016

11.10.2015  Ambient Water Comments on the Impact of Weather on the Drought as States Look to Water Technologies as a Solution

11.03.2015  Ambient Water Files Form 10Q for the Third Quarter of 2015

10.15.2015  Ambient Water Comments on Global Water Scarcity Issues as Many Look to El Nino to Provide Drought Relief

10.01.2015  Ambient Water Begins Rigorous Testing of Turnkey Greenhouse Structures for Vertical Farming

09.08.2015  Ambient Water Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Penida Capital for Exclusive Manufacturing and Sale of AW2500 in Indonesia

08.17.2015  Ambient Water Identifies Market Opportunity in Puerto Rico Due to Widespread Water Shortage

07.09.2015  Ambient Water to Showcase Atmospheric Water Generation Technology at California State Capitol

06.04.2015  Ambient Water Signs Multi-Million Dollar Exclusive Licensing Agreement

04.14.2015  Ambient Water Featured in USA Today and as Key Technology to Combat Water Scarcity

04.02.2015  Ambient Water Visits California State Capital to Discuss Water Crisis

03.26.2015  Ambient Water to Sell Commercial Systems to Malaysian Oil & Gas Companies

03.18.2015  Ambient Water Ramps Up Marketing of Atmospheric Water Generators in Latin America

03.16.2015  Ambient Water Featured by International Business Times

03.10.2015  Ambient Water Targets Market Opportunity in Medical Marijuana Growing Industry

03.09.2015  Ambient Water Featured in Prominent Oil and Gas Industry Publication

02.18.2015  Ambient Water Proceeds Through Installation Process: Shares First Photos and Video of Ambient Water 400

01.13.2015  Ambient Water Comments on Impact of Falling Oil Prices across Oil and Gas Industry

01.06.2015  Ambient Water 400 Delivery and Installation in Houston Texas

12.22.2014  Letter to Shareholders

12.16.2014  Ambient Water Signs MOU with BW Global

12.02.2014  Ambient Water Sees Market Opportunity with Vertical Farming

11.12.2014  Ambient Water Identifies Key Fracking Regions

10.23.2014  Ambient Water Targets Oil and Gas Industry

10.14.2014  Ambient Water OCTQB Approval

10.09.2014  Installation of Ambient Water 400 at Applied Cryo Technologies

09.23.2014  Ambient Water engages FischTank Marketing

06.25.2014  Name Change to Ambient Water Corporation 

05.14.2014  Protelligent Test Results

01.30.2014  HaloSource Purification 

01.16.2014  Saudi Arabia Water Test Results


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